Office of Israeli Universities (UI)
National University of San Martín (UNSAM)

The Office of Israeli Universities at Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UI – UNSAM) is headed by Raanán Rein, Ph.D. (TAU) and coordinated by Nerina Viscaovsky, Ph.D. (UNSAM). UI-UNSAM was created due to the mutual interest of authorities and researchers of both Tel Aviv University and Universidad Nacional de San Martín. This commitment, which began with an agreement of collaboration signed by these two universities, has gained great interest in scientific and academic circles and thus has extended to incorporate other Israeli high education institutions.
The Office proposes:

  • Promoting agreements between UNSAM and other high education institutions of Israel.
  • Encouraging mutual knowledge between universities and also between the states of Israel and Argentina.
  • Promoting collaboration between researchers, scholars, and students of these institutions.
  • Generating concrete actions of exchange, reception, and hosting of Argentine and Israeli professors and students.

UI - UNSAM Staff:
General Director: Raanán Rein, Ph.D. (TAU).
Buenos Aires Coordination: Nerina Visacovsky, Ph.D. (UNSAM).
Assistants: Adrián Krupnik, MA. (TAU) / Myriam Ford, Lic. (UNSAM).