The Study Abroad program welcomes students from different parts of the world who wish to study a semester in Argentina and learn the culture and the language. The Program allows them to take several courses in English, which add credits to their undergraduate programs.
Students from Finland, the United States, Norway, Sweden, France, Germany and Denmark, among others, have already visited UNSAM. Here we share some of the activities they carry out during their stay in the country.

Field trips

During their stay, students visit some of Buenos Aires emblematic areas, such as the neighbourhoods of La Boca, Palermo, Recoleta and Belgrano, to provide a unique educational and cross-cultural immersion experience.

Classroom debates

During a semester, the students take courses in English about Social Sciences and Humanities, as well as Spanish classes to improve their language proficiency.

Cultural exchanges

The University invites Argentine and foreign students to meet at the Miguelete Campus in a cultural immersion activity in English and Spanish. The final goal is to practice both languages and exchange personal experiences.

Engaging activities

UNSAM always encourages its students to engage with the community. Whether at the University Center of San Martín (CUSAM), located within Unit 48 of Buenos Aires’ Penitentiary Service, or at Recovered Factories, there is always an opportunity to learn and reach out.