unsam 25 años
unsam 25 años
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Regular courses in 2018
From January 29 to May 11

The program works with small and midsize student groups to allow an interactive teaching environment with hands-on tasks and the opportunity to receive and give immediate feedback. A minimum of six students is required to open the course.

Gender Sexuality and Social Change

This internship-based, three-credit course is an introduction to power dynamics in social movements. Focusing on issues about women, gender, sexuality, and power, students will first reflect on how, by denaturalizing the connection between sex and gender, we can analyze these axes of oppression/resistance in their intersection with race, class, and ability. Following two months of classes, one-month internships will take place at Norte—a printing press under worker control—and at CUSAM—Sociology Major at the San Martin State Penitentiary—.

International Trade in Latin America

This course deals with the following topics: international trade in earlier economic thought; static comparative advantage and traditional neoclassical theory of international trade; new theories; the structuralist school, CEPAL, unequal exchange theory; balance of payments constraints, exchange rates theories and the unbalanced productive structures; neo-structuralism and neo-Schumpeterian economics; globalization and multicultural trade agreements; regional and trade blocs; and international crisis.

Latin American History

A comprehensive course examining major political, geographical, social and economic features of Latin American past and present. Key issues which may divide or unite the distinctive Latin American countries will be highlighted.

Politics in Latin America

This course will analyze the following topics: politics and economics under the conservative order, the rise of mass politics and its various forms, industrialization by import substitution and state intervention in the economy, modernization, authoritarianism and democracy, revolution, guerrillas and the left, debt crisis and adjustment policies, emergency and functioning of new democracies.

Spanish I

It is a basic language class designed for students who enter with some or no previous knowledge of Spanish. Emphasis on basic grammar structures (present, progressive present and past tenses; verbs ser, estar, tener, haber, gustar; commands; nominal agreement, direct and indirect pronouns; comparatives; por, para).

Spanish II

It is an intensive language class designed for students with good basic knowledge of Spanish. This is a fast paced course. Emphasis on basic to intermediate grammar structures (uses of simple and progressive present and past tenses; verbs ser, estar, tener, haber, gustar; adjective and noun agreement; commands; direct and indirect pronouns usage; comparatives;, por, para; future tense, present subjunctive) and core vocabulary.

Spanish III

It is designed for students who enter with good intermediate knowledge of Spanish. Emphasis on intermediate grammar structures (future and conditional tenses, present and past subjunctive; relative and other pronouns; impersonal se) and the expansion of core vocabulary.


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