International Projects

The International Office collaborates on strengthening UNSAM's international profile by promoting the creation and increase of collaboration in R+D+i and academic cooperation projects.
Among its tasks, the International Office:

  • Informs and disseminates international calls: see the Newsletter.
  • Supports and collaborates on the search for funding opportunities.
  • Advises on the preparation and presentation of proposals, linking actors inside and outside UNSAM.
  • Provides technical assistance in the setup of international consortiums, project writing and formal submission of applications.
  • Manages institutional endorsements and documentation.
  • Collaborates on the dialogue with counterparts during the administration of funded projects.
  • Systematizes current and active projects with international funding at UNSAM.


The work is carried out in close collaboration with the Rector's and Vice Rector's Office for Research, the Academic Units and the Legal and Administrative Secretariat, particularly for project and funds implementation, as well as with the Institutional Communications Office (for visibility and dissemination).

If you or your research team are applying for a call, please contact internacionales@unsam.edu.ar for advice.

The Rectoral Resolution (Number 662/18) establishes the "mandatory nature of having the institutional endorsement to submit projects within the framework of the calls for proposals made by national and international public and private legal entities". The endorsement for projects related to research, innovation and transfer will be signed by the rector or vice-rector of the UNSAM indistinctly.

This methodology implies that not only an endorsement letter will be issued for those calls that require it, but also that all projects submitted to external calls by individual researchers or research teams of the University must have a letter signed by the rector or vice rector stating the details of the project, the call to which it is submitted and all relevant background information. The purpose of this measure is to establish an administrative order regarding the projects that are submitted, thus being able to know the rights and obligations of the parties at each stage of the project prior to its registration.

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Our Office participates in the management of international projects, scholarships and grants with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, and it has participated in the management of research projects with several countries, such as Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, United Kingdom, Brazil, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Japan, Sweden, among others.
NOTICE. Important information for submission of projects to USA/ EU:

European Union
Our Office keeps the registry of projects submitted to the European Union. This management is possible through the unique registration number as an institution before the European Union: profile and PIC number in the case of research (HORIZON 2020) and international mobility (ERASMUS+), profile and PADOR number for international cooperation projects.
UNSAM has institutional registration before the European Union, it is not necessary to generate PIC or PADOR number when submitting a call for proposals. Contact internacionales@unsam.edu.ar in case you need institutional information.

United States
In the same way that the European Union requires a unique institutional registration, state authorities that grant research funding in the United States require a unique registration and information portal (DUNS number). Our Office keeps the administrative and technical records of this user through SAM, Grants.gov, and NIH eRA Commons.
UNSAM has institutional SAM registration, it is not necessary to generate a DUNS number when submitting a call for proposals. Contact internacionales@unsam.edu.ar in case you need institutional information.



Our Office promotes and supports the presentation of Technical Cooperation Projects, positioning the University as an actor in the field of international cooperation and South-South Cooperation. Some examples are the Perez Guerrero Trust Fund and the Argentine Fund for South-South and Triangular Cooperation (FO.AR) of the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship. The International Office also works to foster projects such as the UNESCO Cousteau Chair in Ecotechnics.
UNSAM has recently collaborated with FO.AR in the following projects:

Monvoisin in America Project which gathered specialists from Argentina, Chile, Peru and Brazil, who joined the research project on the work of the painter Auguste Raymond Quinsac Monvoisin where the Chilean Agency for International Development Cooperation participates.

  • Monvoisin in America: Progress in International Research
  • Seminar: The disciples of Monvoisin. A regional school of painting?
  • Tarea-IIPC participates in the Monvoisin in America Project


Project with Guyana National Gallery of Art, to evaluate the condition of conservation of one of its most important art collections.
In March 2019, the Second High Level UN Conference on South-South Cooperation, known as BAPA +40, took place in Buenos Aires. On this occasion, the International Office participated in the Conference forums and organized a side-event authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship and the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation, on "The University in South-South and Triangular Cooperation - Successful cases in research and technical cooperation". See note.