2nd IAA Latin American Symposium on Small Satellites

Call por papers

2nd International Academy of Astronautics
Latin American Symposium on Small Satellites:
Advanced Technologies and Distributed Systems


November 2019, 11th to 15th

Hosted by the Colomb Institute
Auditorio del Centro Cultural de la Ciencia (C3) - Buenos Aires, Argentina
INVAP - Bariloche, Argentina


You are invited to contribute a paper for presentation at the Symposium.

A one-page, single-spaced abstract of no less than 350 and no more than 600 words is needed. The abstract must be in English. Student papers are encouraged.

Advanced Technologies and Distributed Platforms and/or Payloads themes are recommended, but all topic related to Small Satellite Missions will be considered. The symposium will have a worldwide vision, with some focus on the needs and developments of Latin America.

Presentations during the Symposium will preferably be in English, however, presentations in Spanish will be considered.



Honorary Chairman
C. F. Varotto; CONAE, Argentina

R. Sandau; IAA, Germany
L. R. Gratton; Colomb Institute, Argentina

G. Arrigo; ASI, Italy
I. Belokonov; Samara University, Russia
A. Bonnema; ISISPACE, Netherlands
W. R. Cabañas; IAA, Guatemala
S. Camacho; CRECTEALC, Mexico
C. Cappelletti; UnB, Brazil
M. Cho; Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan
J. M. Contant; IAA, France
A. da Silva Curiel; SSTL, UK
J. S. de Almeida; INPE, Brazil
F. Graziani; IAA, Italy
M. Hetscher; DLR, Germany
R. Kawashima; UNISEC GLOBAL, Japan
R. Laufer; Baylor Univ., USA
G. Loureiro; INPE, Brazil
F. J. Mendieta; AEM, Mexico
S. Mostert; SCS, South Africa
R. Nader; EXA, Ecuador
S. Nakasuka; UoT, Japan
S. Neeck; NASA, USA
F. Ongaro; ESA, Italy
M. Ovchinnikov; KIAM, Russia
M. Saandar; MSPRS, Mongolia
R. Sanchez Peña; ITBA, Argentina
A  Valenzuela; IAA, Argentina
G. Wiman; INVAP, Argentina


Please ask for registration for the Symposium and for payment instructions by sending an e-mail to [email protected], or by calling +54-11-4724-1500 ext. 1389.

Abstracts due: September 16th 2019
Papers due: November 15th 2019
[email protected]